G.729 and G.723.1 codecs x86 (and x86_64) Linux binaries for "Yate telephony engine

Need Asterisk G.729/G.723.1 codecs?

DISCLAIMER: You might have to pay royalty fees to the G.729/723.1 patent holders for using their algorithm.

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To compile the codecs you need Intel IPP libraries installed.


The binaries are for Pentium 4 or better CPU. To support CPUs without SSE2 you need to rebuild the codec from sources with appropriate IPP core. Windows binary contribution is very much welcome.

Yate 3.3.2 Yate 3.3.3 - 4.2.1
Contributed x64 codec pack

Getting help

The primary source of help is Yate mail list. Post your questions there. When reporting a problem it is up to you to provide as much usefull information as possible. "Doesn't work" - is not a good description.